Power Cable Extension - 300mm

Product image 1Power Cable Extension - 300mm
Product image 2Power Cable Extension - 300mm

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No need to splice wires, get the perfect fit with extension cables for your Lectric Cycles conversion kit

300mm (12 in.) extension with matching connectors to match the power cables on Lectric Cycles conversion kits

Installation Videos

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Our instructional videos will give you insight of what you’ll need to do to set up your own e-bike conversion kit properly. We also show you how to use the LCD interface when you are riding around. We want to make this entire process as easy as possible for all electric bike levels. If you are still having trouble, please look over our user manual page or FAQ section for more guidance.


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Before you contact us, please look over our frequently asked questions to see if your questions has already been answered. If you still can’t find your answer on this page please view our in-depth videos. If all else, please give us a call or email us directly.

Will the conversion kit work on a full carbon bike?

Generally, our kits will not work with carbon framed bicycles. If you have a “lugged” carbon bike or a carbon bicycle that is more than a few years old it may be possible to mount a mid-drive conversion kit. The frame will need to have an aluminum bottom bracket shell (see photo) in order to be compatible. The aluminum bottom bracket shell is necessary as the motor has a mounting plate that compresses a set of “teeth” into the surface of the bottom bracket shell to prevent it from rotating. If the bottom bracket shell is made of carbon fiber, the motor mounting plate could cause the carbon fiber to fracture, permanently damaging the frame.

What is your warranty?

All Lectric Cycles conversion kits and batteries are warranted to the original retail purchaser when purchased directly from an authorized dealer or directly from Lectric Cycles (www.lectriccycles.com), to be complete and free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year. All Lectric Cycles product warranties are effective from the date of purchase by the end user provided the product is purchased in NEW condition. Products purchased from 3rd party sellers not affiliated with Lectric Cycles are not covered under warranty. Please refer to the warranty section of the owner’s manual for more information.

How do I determine what size and type my bottom bracket is?

Many manufacturers list the size and type of bottom bracket on their website. You can also measure the width of the shell. Higher end bikes typically have press-fit Bottom brackets that will require an additional adapter. PF30, BB30, BB86 and BB92 are commonly found on more expensive bicycles (>$1,000) manufactured in the last several years.

How do I determine what motor I should use?

We offer three different motors to fit your riding style. The 350w motor is the lightest and is most similar to what you will find on factory built electric bikes. A 350w motor with the proper gearing will still achieve 20mph under pure throttle and up to 28mph is possible with the rider pedaling. The 750w motor is still very compact and weighs less than a pound more than the 350w. It is designed for those that want more power for accelerating, hill climbing and to achieve higher top speeds. With the proper gearing, the 750w motor is capable of climbing extreme grades of 30% and achieving speeds in excess of 28mph (with speed limiter adjusted – for off road use only). The 1000w motor is physically larger and heavier, weighing 50% more than the 750w. It is designed to be a heavy duty motor excellent for use off road or with heavy cargo loads and bikes that can carry more than one rider. The 1000w is also well suited for the heavier fat tire bikes that have become popular in the last few years. With proper gearing, the 1000w motor will accelerate faster and maintain higher top speeds than the 750w motor.

How hard is it to install a mid drive conversion kit?

Our electric bicycle conversion kits are designed to be as user friendly to install as possible with all components being plug and play with waterproof, color-coded connectors. Basic bicycle tools are necessary to install the kits but some specialty tools may be required depending on the bicycle being converted. Tools to properly secure the motor assembly are included with the conversion kit. Authorized Dealers can also install all our models of electric bicycle conversion kits. Lectric Cycles can also install the kits on existing or new bicycles. Please contact us at info@lectriccycles.com for more information.

Is the conversion system easy to use?

Yes, the system is very intuitive and easy to use, please see our video on how to set up and operate the LCD control panel.

What is unique about the mid-drive conversion kit we sell on our site and how do they differ from others?

Lectric Cycles Mid Drive Kits are the result of several years of effort to perfect a user friendly, high performance e-bike conversion kit. Unlike other systems, Lectric Cycles drive systems can operate with both a throttle and/or Pedal Assist function (PAS). The throttle and PAS can be used independently giving the rider the choice on how best to use the motor’s power. With 5 levels of PAS, the rider can choose the amount of assist that best fits the terrain and riding style. The throttle is active in all PAS modes and can be used for an extra amount of boost when needed. Included mechanical brake levers or inline cable/hydraulic brake sensors give the rider the choice of using the supplied levers or existing ones while retaining the safety function of an e-brake. Lectric Cycles Mid Drive Conversion Kits are compatible with Hydraulic Disc Brakes using our inline hydraulic brake sensors. The e-brake sensors cut the motor power during braking to prevent accidental acceleration when using the throttle. Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits offer a variety of throttle options to best suit each individual rider. Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits use a single secure, waterproof battery connector to protect your expensive batteries and prevent accidental injury from handling exposed wires with live current. Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits are compatible with most internally geared hubs and almost all combinations of multi-speed drivetrains. Lectric Cycles conversion kits include a shift sensor (gear sensor) that momentarily cuts power during shifting to ensure a clean shift and preserving the bicycles drivetrain. All Lectric Cycles mid drive kits include a dedicated cable for the Gear Sensor and are already programmed for this revolutionary patent pending product that solves the common drivetrain issues that mid drive motors can cause. Lectric Cycles kits offer various size chainrings giving the rider the ultimate flexibility in how to set up their bike.

How do I know if the mid drive conversion kits will fit my bike?

Lectric Cycles Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with a 68mm, 73mm, 92mm and 100mm wide bottom bracket shell and a 35mm inside diameter. In addition, adapters are available to allow the motors to fit many of the new Press-Fit standard bottom bracket shells with larger diameters including PF30, BB30, PF92, BB95 and BB121. This encompasses the vast majority of bicycles sold today and in the past 20 years. If you are unsure what kind of bottom bracket your bicycle has, please contact us with the brand and model of the bike and approximate age of the bike.

Do I have to use the supplied brake levers for the mid drive conversion kits?

The brake levers included with Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits have an electronic sensor that prohibits the motor from working while the brakes are used. This is a safety issue to prevent the motor from being used when the intent is to use the brakes. In throttle-only operation, the motor will cut power immediately when the throttle is disengaged. When using pedal assist (PAS), there is up to a .25 second delay from when the rider stops pedaling and when the motor cuts off. By using the brake levers that come with the system, you immediately cut power to the motor when braking making things like downshifting before coming to a stop much easier. We have inline brake sensors for mechanical (cable actuated) and hydraulic brakes if you prefer to use your own brake levers.

Are these kits "street legal"?

In most of the United States, Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits are legal to use when the motor operation is limited to 20mph (32 km/h). California recently passed a law that includes regulations for 3 classes of e-bikes with a top speed of 28mph (45 km/h) allowed while using pedal-assist (PAS) for Class 3 e-bikes. Lectric Cycles kits are normally configured as Class 2 e-bikes under these rules but can be adjusted to make them Class 3 compatible as well. All kits are shipped with the speed limiter set at 20mph (32 km/h). Above this speed, they are to be used for off-road use only. The speed limiter is user adjustable and can be increased up to the limits of what the motor power and gearing combination can achieve. Please check the laws in your area as not all states and municipalities allow e-bikes to be classified and used on the roadways as bicycles. If you are located outside the United States, these kits are to be used for off-road use only as they do not comply with most European, Asian and other countries e-bike regulations.

Can I use the electric motor if it's raining?

Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits use waterproof plugs throughout and the rest of the components are generally water resistant. You shouldn’t encounter any issues when used in a light rain or exposed to infrequent wet weather. As with most electronics, common sense is suggested if you plan to consistently use the kit in inclement weather. The motor assembly should never be submerged and the LCD should be protected from the elements if you plan on exposing it frequently to water or rain.

How much weight will a conversion add to my bike?

The 350w Lectric Cycles mid drive kit excluding the battery will add about 8 lbs (3.6kg) and the 750w kit about 9 lbs (4.1kg) to an average bicycle. The 1000w kit will add about 13 lbs (5.9kg). The downtube-mounted batteries with the mount will add between 8-10 lbs (3.6-4.5kg) depending on the model and capacity. A complete kit with batteries will typically add a total of 16-23 lbs (7.2 – 10.4kg) depending on the configuration you choose.

Can I use an internally geared hub with the mid drive conversions?

Most internally geared hubs (IGH) can be used with the 350w and 750w e-RAD mid drive conversion kits. The 750w and 1000w conversion kits can be used with an IGH without special care as long as it used in conjunction with the gear sensor (IGH model), which is included with all kits. Please note, that some IGH manufacturers will not warranty their hubs when used with electric motors. Please check with the manufacturer of your internally geared hub if you are concerned about preserving your warranty.

What is a gear sensor and what does it do?

This revolutionary patent pending system is an intelligent gear sensor attached to the shifting cable, which momentarily cuts off motor power during shifting. This new technology allows internally geared hubs (IGH) to be used with a mid drive motor without any change in function or special precautions taken. When used with a conventional rear derailleur, the gear sensor eliminates noisy shifting, broken chains and reduces wear on the drivetrain components which are common complaints of mid drive motor systems.

Can I use my own battery with the mid drive conversion kits?

Lectric Cycles mid drive conversion kits are designed to be used with 48v batteries. All Lectric Cycles 48v batteries are designed specifically with the 350w-1000w kits in mind. If you wish to use another battery, we only recommend using a 48v battery. The 48v battery must be capable of discharging 30 amps of continuous current and up to 40 amps of maximum current. Using a higher voltage battery (i.e. 52v) risks damaging the controller and other sensitive electronics and is not recommended. Please note that any damage caused to a motor, controller or other part of a Lectric Cycles drive system by using a battery with incorrect voltage will void the warranty.

I want to use a different battery, can I cut the power cable and install my own connector?

Cutting any cable on a Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kit will void the warranty. Standalone kits ordered without a battery include a matching battery connector with pigtails in order to let the end user adapt any connector they wish to use without cutting or splicing the battery cable coming from the motor unit.

Are the cables that come with the kit long enough to fit my bike? What if I need a longer display, throttle, brake, gear sensor or battery cable?

Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits are designed with cable lengths in mind to fit the typical bicycle. There are a wide variety of bicycles on the market and in order to make the kits compatible with as many varieties as possible, we have extensions in various lengths for every cable on the system. Extensions can be chained together to achieve the length necessary. Please note that cutting/splicing or modifying any cable on a Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kit will void the warranty.

Do you ship to my country?

Currently we have shipping enabled through the site for the US. We do ship worldwide and have happy customers in many countries. Please email us at info@lectriccycles.com or call us if you would like a shipping quote for a country not listed above.

Can I use a front derailleur and two or three chainrings?

Our mid drive conversion kits are designed to be used with a single chainring. Our kits eliminate the need for more than one chainring as the motor power overcomes the need for the ultra low gearing of a small front chainring. Another benefit of eliminating the need for multiple chainrings is the simplification of the gearing as there is only one shifter and 7-11 gears (depending on the bicycle model). There is also a trend in the bicycle industry to move away from multiple front chainrings as triple chainrings were replaced with double and now single chainring systems. Combined with higher gear counts and wider ratio cassettes, multiple front chainrings are fast becoming obsolete. Our conversion kits help bring your bicycle to modern standards by eliminating the need for multiple front chainrings.

Can I use a hub motor to create a dual motor setup?

The great thing about converting your own bike to an e-bike is that there are endless possibilities! Technically you can use a front hub motor to power the front wheel and make an all-wheel drive e-bike but this will require a separate controller, throttle and battery to power the front hub separately from the e-bike conversion kit driving the rear wheel.

Can I buy a kit from a dealer or is it better to order direct?

If you are not comfortable installing a Lectric Cycles e-bike conversion kit yourself, we recommend purchasing from a local dealer. A local dealer can professionally install the conversion kit and make sure that everything else on the bike is working properly. It is important to have properly adjusted brakes and a smooth shifting drivetrain as the extra power of the motor will be more demanding on these components. In addition, a local dealer can also assist you with any other accessories or maintenance items that you may need in the future. If there isn’t a Lectric Cycles dealer near you and you wish to have a local shop do the installation, please have them contact us by phone or email.


Lectric Cycles drive systems are designed to be enjoyed for many years with no maintenance. We have customers with many thousands of miles on their Lectric Cycles e-bike conversion kits without any problems. Over time and with many thousands of miles, there are some internal components that can wear out such as bearings and gears. Typically these components will last many years, but under heavy, daily, high mileage use it is possible that these components will need to be replaced more often. If the motor is under warranty, we will usually replace worn internal components at no charge (this is very rare). If outside the warranty period, we can overhaul the motor if bearings or similar parts have worn out as long as we still have them available (some internal components change from time to time as we improve the design of the motors for better longevity). We do our best to maintain a supply of spare parts to facilitate any maintenance of motor units. Please contact us if you have a motor that is out of warranty and are looking for replacement parts.


Range on a battery can vary due to many factors: weight of the rider, weight of the bike, how often and to what extent you shift, tire type average speed, terrain, and wind speed just to name a few. Here are some rough estimates: 48v 9ah with a 750watt motor- High Range 30 miles–Low range 8 miles. 48v 11.6ah with 750watt motor High range 40miles low range 12 miles. 48v14ah with 750watt motor- High range 50miles low range 20miles. 48v17.5ah with 750watt motor low range 30miles high range 100miles.


Lectric Cycles lithium-ion e-bike batteries are rated at >70% capacity at 700 cycles. This means that at 700 cyles your battery should have at least 70% of its original capacity available. A charge cycle means using all of the battery’s capacity, but not necessarily by full charge and discharge; e.g., using half the charge of a fully charged battery, charging it, and then using the same amount of charge again count as a single charge cycle. Products like the Grin Cycle Satiator can increase cycle life by 2/3 or more by limiting the amount of charge to the battery. Lithium-ion batteries that are only charged to 90% (or less) of their full capacity will deliver a longer cycle life.


Lectric Cycles batteries only use top shelf 18650 Lithium-ion cells designed for use on high draw devices. Lectric Cycles batteries are built using the latest techniques in battery pack contruction. Spot welding of the individual cells is all done by robotics (as opposed to by hand like others) ensuring consistent quality in construction. Lectric Cycles lithium-ion e-bike batteries utilize internal cell holders that stabilize the cells and separates them for better thermal management according to the cell manufacturers recommendations. All of our batteries include multiple fail safes to prevent the batteries from thermal runaway (aka catching fire).  Each of the 52 (65 in standard packs) cells in our batteries is protected by a mechanical fusible link that isolates a faulty or damaged cell from damaging other cells in the pack.  Each bank of paralleled cells (13 total) is further protected by a resettable fuse that protects from both thermal overload and current overload.  In addition, the charge ports also are built with resettable fuses and the main discharge port has a standard fuse to protect from over current or short circuits.  Lectric Cycles batteries are also built using a custom designed high-current BMS (Battery Management System) that keeps the cells balanced to prevent over charge and discharge. All batteries are subject to extensive quality control processes after assembly including discharge, charge and vibration testing. What is inside the battery is what counts, don’t be fooled by imitators using similar cases with inferior cells and construction techniques. A lithium battery is one of the most important parts of an e-bike, and should be designed to work in harmony with drive system. Lectric Cycles lithium-ion batteries are designed form the ground up to work with Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits.


Most bicyle manufacturers only warranty their products from defects in their unmodified, original state. Please check your bicycle warranty paperwork if you are concerned about the warranty. Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits are carefully designed to add weight to the bicycle in the areas best designed to handle it. The bottom bracket shell supports the entire weight of the drive system which is inconsequential as it also designed to support the weight of a 250-300lb rider (depending on the bicycle model). Lectric Cycles batteries are among the lightest in the industry and designed to mount on a water bottle mount or rear rack distributing the extra weight on areas of a bicycle that are strong enough for the extra load.


If you own or manage a retail bicycle shop and are interested in carrying Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits, please email dealers@lectriccycles.com. Unfortunately we cannot set up dealers for “online-only” sales. Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits are designed to ideally be installed by a professional mechanic. A retail bicycle shop is best suited to serve customers with professional installation along with access to additional accessories and ongoing service and maintenance of an Lectric Cycles converted bicycle.


Throttle selection is dictated by the bicycle being converted and personal preference. If the bike currently uses a trigger shifter, we usually recommend using the universal thumb throttle as it places the throttle in a similar position to the shifter and allows the rider’s right hand to shift while the left hand independently controls the throttle. If the bike has a twist shifter, a left half-twist throttle is recommended as it will resemble the existing shifter and use a similar motion to engage.


Generally, it is recommend using a chainring that is similar in size to the large chainring on the bicycle you are converting. For example, if your bicycle has a 2×10 drivetrain with a 38 tooth large chainring, we would recommend using a 36-40 tooth chainring. If you want more climbing ability and torque in lower gears you will want to select a smaller chainring. For more top speed, a larger chainring is recommended. Please note that if you select a chainring that is larger than one that was on the bicycle to begin with, you will most likely need to lengthen the chain of the bicycle. It is recommended you purchase a new chain if the existing chain on the bicycle is not long enough.


Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kits cannot be easily removed without the proper tools. It would be incredibly difficult for a thief to steal the drive unit without a major amount of disassembly using the correct tools. Lectric Cycles lithium-ion batteries include a locking mechanism to attach them to the mount. The batteries cannot be removed without the included key, preventing theft.


Yes, Homeowners insurance can cover bike theft even if it is off of your property (check with your agent). Veloinsurance is a company that offers theft and damage coverage for all bikes including e-bikes.


Modern Carbon fiber bikes will not work due to the mechanism by which the motor is attached to the frame. Bikes with eccentric bottom brackets also will typically not accept the Lectric Cycles drive unit. Bikes with ISCG tabs for chain guides will have to have the tabs removed to fit the motor. Fat bikes with unusually wide chain-stays and/or bottom brackets may also have a difficult fit. Recumbents and recumbent trikes are very popular conversions and most will work with extensions for the harness, battery, brakes, gear sensor and speedo sensor which are available. Please contact an authorized dealer or email/call us if you are unsure if a Lectric Cycles conversion kit will fit your bicycle.


Most bicycles constructed in a traditional double-triangle configuration with water bottle mounts will fit the slim-downtube batteries. Modern full-suspension bikes have such varied designs it is difficult to tell if a down-tube battery will fit. Please contact us at infor@lectriccycles.com with photos or details of your bicycle if you are unsure if an Lectric Cycles battery will fit.


A naked pack battery is a battery that is assembled with only a thin, heat shrink layer and does not come in a protected case. “Naked” battery packs are not weather or shock proof and are designed to be be placed in a protected enclosure such as a rack-mounted bag or backpack.


Our in-stock products will ship within 72hrs and often sooner. We do our best to estimate delays due to back orders but additional delays may occur that are beyond our control.


We typically ask for a 2 week window for complete custom builds to ship. This takes into account the need to order some bikes, custom paint, custom wheel builds etc. If the bike is in stock and does not require custom work bikes typically ship within a week.


YES! We have many customers that want to use more than one battery in order to ride very long distances or to not experience “range anxiety”. If you want to use two batteries and have them mounted on the bike and ready to use, we recommend using a down-tube battery along with a rack mounted battery. We offer a dual battery switch that will allow both batteries to be connected to the system. The Lectric Cycles dual battery switch will automatically draw from the battery with power if one is depleted without any rider input or interruption in riding. This allows extreme range that isn’t possible on any factory-built e-bike!


ISCG tabs are specific tabs used on some bicycle frames (typically free ride and downhill bikes) that facilitate mounting a chainguide to a frame. Unfortunately these tabs interfere with the placement of the motor and have to be removed by cutting or grinding if you wish to mount a Lectric Cycles mid-drive conversion kit.




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